QR Codes

What is a QR Code?

This is a QR code....go ahead, scan it with your mobile device. I dare you 🙂


Here are 11 reasons you SHOULD be using QR codes at your place of business.

1. QR codes boost traffic to your website—if you’re using them the right way

2. QR codes can help you register people for your next event—if you give them a reason to

3. QR codes get people to actually want to take your surveys and share their feedback

4. QR codes help you turn new customers into email subscribers (and help you build your list!)

5. QR codes get people to “like” and “follow” your business when you ask them to

6. QR codes will let your customers “pin” your products and promote them on your behalf

7. QR codes can help you promote your local deal to the people who’ll love it the most

8. QR codes will get your blog in front of a whole new audience

9. QR codes can help you generate more donations and volunteers for the causes you support

10. QR codes will improve the chance of your videos going viral

11. QR codes will help you get more online reviews from people who actually know your business

Are you already using QR codes? Tell us what has worked for you or what creative ways you’ve seen other businesses use QR codes!

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